2 min readDec 13, 2020

I never understood the meaning of you shouldn’t date young until I dated young. At thirteen I was pretty mature, I knew a lot about life, my beliefs and what I wanted in life. um so then there was HIM he was someone I considered as a friend, he was family hell my family knew everything about him he was always over my Aunt house etc so we were always around one another. At thirteen years old I was deeply attached to him I didn’t show it around anyone because I was sorta the shy type and it went on from there. we were together until 2016.

When I decided to leave him due to problems with depression and other things I was sorta lost, I didn’t know how to love myself, I hated seeing him at school, and I gave up on a lot of people and things throughout that period of my life which caused me to feel like I had not control over anything in my life and that took me down the wrong path.

Things happened that was never me, I lost myself inside of a guy who I broke up with because I knew if I didn’t end it now it was going to end up bad for us. I never knew how much of an impact he had in my life until I decided to leave him. I think he was my first love, I still have love for him to this day and here I am 20 years old. He was like my first own attachment, my person, my best friend.

We shouldn’t date young because at a young age a strong connection from a person develop into feelings, you shouldn’t date young because if that person wants to leave it’s nothing you could do to make them stay, you shouldn’t date young because every time you see them the pain and feelings going to hit you over again, you shouldn’t date young because you’ll feel like you have lost the only person who was in your corner, you shouldn’t date young because nothing last forever.

I spent almost three years getting myself back and loving myself again

don’t date young it’s not good for the younger you.


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