What Happened To JonBenét Ramsey ?

4 min readMay 26, 2020
JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was an American child beauty queen who was killed at the age of 6 in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado. A lengthy handwritten ransom note was found in the house. Her father John found the girl’s body in the basement of their house about seven hours after she had been reported missing.

Just like the detectives everyone in the world tried to put this case together with the little evidence they did have. Some suspected that her mother had killed her because she idolized herself to the point she wanted her daughter to be her. Some suspected the her 9 year old brother at the time killed her because lets face it siblings fight about any and everything maybe he pushed her or hit her the wrong way causing her to hurt herself worse than what he expected.. Other people suspected her father touched her inappropriately and choked her out but 80% of the people said that the whole family was in on it. They work together, they plotted up scheme and they killed JonBenet Ramsey.

Another thing that seemed strange they kept (Burke Ramsey) out the spotlight of the case, I would want to speak up at 9 years old for the killer to come forward, but instead whenever a camera was out and around he was nowhere to be found.


Police stated they found a whole pineapple inside of Jonbenet stomach (Swallowed Whole.

Police reported that they also found JonBenét’s nine-year-old brother Burke Ramsey’s fingerprints on the bowl of pineapples..

The parents stated in several interviews that 9 year old Burke Ramsey was asleep when Jonbenet turned up dead.

The ransom notes that were left matched the mom handwriting but the detectives ruled it out. Then the Ramsey’s were ruled out when they found bodily fluids inside of Jonbenet Ramsey that wasn’t her fathers.

Burke told CNN , Dr.Phil and other major people who he had done interviews with that he didn’t do anything to his sister.

My question is why’d you wait 20 years later to come out and tell the world you were innocent when you could have came forward when you was able to make decisions on your own like 17 or 18 years old

Early on the morning of Dec. 26, 1996, Patsy Ramsey finds a ransom letter on the kitchen stairway demanding $118,000 for the safe return of her 6-year-old beauty queen daughter, JonBenét. The discovery of the girl’s lifeless body in the basement of the family home later that day kicks off an investigation that captures national attention and remains unsolved…


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