Why Do Men Cheat

3 min readDec 9, 2020

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Relationships are not easy. Any relationship can become vulnerable to an affair. Truthfully I don’t think you can cheat on someone you love thats bullshit

So why do men cheat on the women they love?

Of course, every situation is unique, but there are some common reasons:

1. Men cheat because they are immature.

Men often lack the maturity to fully understand that their woman will eventually discover their infidelity. They also neglect the fact that it will inevitably have devastating consequences like hurting their family and that they might even lose the woman they love.

2. Men cheat because they are insecure.

He might feel that he is too old or too young, not smart enough, not handsome enough, etc. to be desired. He chooses infidelity to get validation from other women. It helps him feel better about himself and to feel that he is worthy, desirable, and attractive to others.

3. Men cheat because they want to save their marriages.

Many men aren’t good communicators. When they have problems with their partners and do not know how to fix them, they think it’s much better to look for comfort elsewhere. They may feel trapped and unhappy in their relationships but they do not want to hurt their partners breaking up with them.

They hope that their partners might eventually become the person who will give what they want.

4. Men cheat because of selfishness.

He cares only about himself alone, so he can lie without regret if he gets what he wants. His selfishness prevents him from honoring another person above self and ruins his integrity of character and commitment.

5. Men cheat because they have unrealistic expectations.

Some men who thought that after marriage, their life would be great become disillusioned with their marriages when they…


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